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quiz iconThis entry relates to the Quiz activity.

If you are interested in this question type, you may also be interested in Calculated, Calculated multichoice and Calculated simple. To create one of these types, at step 2 (below) select one of these options instead of Numerical.


  1. Open the quiz and either:
    • Edit the quiz, click on an Add link on the right side of the page, and select + a new question.
    • Open the question bank and click on the Create a new question button

  2. Select Numerical and click the Add button.

  3. Give the question a Category

  4. Give the question a Category Name (required field)

  5. Enter question text (required field)

  6. Decide on the default mark for the question (required field)
    adding a numerical question - input category, question name, question text, default mark

  7. Fill in General feedback (students will see this once they have answered the question)
    general feedback text box

  8. Select answer 1, the error for getting it wrong, and the grade. Do this for all other correct/incorrect answers
    answer field, error, and grade

  9. Provide feedback for the answer (whether right or wrong)
    answer feedback

  10. Under Unit handling and Units, decide on the configuration (this will only apply if the answer is not a whole number)

  11. Click Save changes

  12. Preview the question to make sure it works correctly

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