Quiz - create a fill-in-the-blanks (missing words) question

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  1. Open the quiz and either:
    • Edit the quiz, click on an Add link on the right side of the page, and select + a new question.
    • Open the question bank and click on the Create a new question button)

  2. Choose Select missing words and click Add

  3. Give the question a category

  4. Give the question a name (required field) (this is only seen by teachers – make it something meaningful so when you view the questions in a list, you know what they are about) 

  5. Enter some question text. Where you would like the student to choose the missing word, enter a number on double square brackets, for example [[1]]. Number each gap sequentially starting at [[1]] – that is, [[1]], [[2]], [[3]] etc (required field)
    category, question name, question text

  6. Give the question a default mark (required field)
    default mark

  7. Fill in the choices. Choice 1 is the correct answer for the gap indicated by [[1]], choice 2 is the correct answer for the gap indicated by [[2]], and so on. 
    how to enter the 'correct' asnwers

    Choices with the same value for Group appear in the same drop-down lists (Shuffle)
    Choices - Shuffle boxes

  8. Fill in General feedback for the quiz question

  9. Click Save changes

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