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Providing feedback is an excellent way to increase student engagement when they attempt and review a quiz. Feedback can be customised to address particular student responses to a question, the question more generally, or the total score achieved by the student. It can be delivered during the quiz, after the attempt but before the quiz has closed, or after the quiz has closed. The amount and quality of feedback you provide will depend on the quiz's purpose.  

  • Inclusion and release of feedback can increase the complexity required in quiz set-up. For help, please contact your local eLearning support team.

  • Release of feedback to students is controlled by the quiz Review settings in conjunction with the Question Behavior setting. Please see 'I can't unhide the Grade column for a quiz' (Quiz - troubleshooting entry) for further information.

Good practice guides and tip sheets

Good practice guides and tip sheets have been developed to support quality in both curriculum design and teaching practice. Good practice guides provide a pedagogical overview and tip sheets provide you with practical strategies and ideas for implementation. Links to quiz-related resources are provided below. 

Inspirational and engaged teaching

The three types of feedback – specific, general and overall

  • Specific feedback is feedback specific to, and dependent upon, the response the student gave to a question. It is response-specific.
    Specific feedback is set up at the question level – when creating the question or later by clicking the edit cog  edit cog beside the question

specific feedback set-up

Student view:
specific feedback

  • General feedback is feedback shown to the student after they have completed the question. The same feedback is shown for all students, regardless of the response they gave. You can use the general feedback to give students a fully worked answer and perhaps a link to more information they can use if they did not understand the question.
    General Feedback is set up at the question level – when creating the question or later by clicking the edit cog   edit cog  beside the question

    general feedback

    Student view:
    general feedback - student view

  • Overall feedback is the text that is shown after a quiz has been attempted. By specifying additional grade boundaries (as a percentage or as a number), the text shown can depend on the grade obtained
    Overall Feedback is set up in the quiz's settings 
    In the scenario below, students scoring between 100% and 80% will see the message 'Well done'.  Those who scored between 79.99% and 0% will see            the message 'Please study this week's work again' (100% and 0% do not need to be entered, as they are the default grade boundaries):

overall feedback overall feedback

Student view:
overall feedback - student view

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