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Create in the question bank or in the quiz

NOTE: Before creating questions, you should set up categories in the question bank. Then use one of the two methods below to create questions in those question banks.

1. Create from within the question bank
  1. Navigate to the question bank from your topic’s Topic management menu

  2. Select the category you want the question to be in.

  3. Click on the Create new question button and choose the desired question type

  4. Enter the details of your question.

  5. Save your question. You'll then be taken back to the question bank category where the question is

  6. Click on the Edit link to the right of your question and select Preview to test if it is working as expected


    Tip: If you want a series of similar questions, you can duplicate then edit questions

2. Create from within the quiz
  1. Open your quiz
  2. Click on the cog in the top right corner and select Edit quiz

  3. Click on one of the Add links on right side of the page, then select a new question

  4. Enter the details of your question, making sure you choose an appropriate question bank category* for your question

  5. Save your question. You'll then be taken back to your edit quiz page.

  6. Click on Edit to the right of your question and select Preview from the dropdown list to test if it is working as expected

    *Note: We strongly recommend that you do not use the category "default for your quiz name" as this category is segregated from the question bank. Questions in that category can't be used in other quizzes and can't be viewed with the main question bank. Storing questions in this segregated category can lead to confusion.

Create a new question (from question types)

Choose a question type and follow the instructions for creating under a category:

Import/export questions

You could also import questions from a file, or export questions to a file – talk to your eLearning support team.

import/export questions

Provide question/quiz feedback

Duplicate (copy) a question

  1. Open the question bank you want to duplicate a question in

  2. Find the question you want to duplicate

  3. Click on the Edit link next to the question and select Duplicate from the menu that appears.
    Duplicate a question (icon)

  4. The question will open in an editing screen, where you can make the changes you want (eg to the Question name) and continue editing

  5. Click Save changes when you have finished editing the question duplicate

  6. The duplicated question will now appear on your list of questions.

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