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quiz iconThis entry relates to the Quiz activity.

Create in the question bank or in the quiz

Make sure you add questions to a category in the question bank. You do can either 1 or 2:

1. Create in the question bank
  1. In your topic, locate the Administration block (usually on the left-hand side)
  2. Click on Question bank
  3. By default the Question view is displayed. Click on Create a new question... to add questions directly into the Question bank
2. Create in the quiz
  1. Click on the quiz link to open it
  2. Click on Edit quiz
  3. Click on Create a new question...

Create a new question (from question types)

Choose a question type and follow the instructions for creating under a category:

Import/export questions

You could also import questions from a file, or export questions to a file – talk to your eLearning support team.

import/export questions

Provide question/quiz feedback

Duplicate (copy) a question

  1. Open the question bank you want to duplicate a question in

  2. Find the question you want to duplicate

  3. Click on the Duplicate icon next to the question
    Duplicate a question (icon)

  4. The question will open in an editing screen, where you can make the changes you want (eg to the Question name) and continue editing

  5. Click Save changes when you have finished editing the question duplicate

  6. The duplicated question will now appear on your list of questions.

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