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quiz iconThis entry relates to the Quiz activity.

  • All questions are stored within the question bank
  • Categories are created in the question bank and are used to organise questions
  • Sorting questions into categories is especially important when random questions are used or a topic contains many quizzes 
  • When a quiz delivers random questions, those questions must be stored in a dedicated category (or sub-category)

If you add a category before you add questions to the question bank, all questions created can be added to this category and they will then belong to the topic, rather than the quiz. This approach will make management easier when you are creating new quizzes using questions from previous quizzes. 

Categories can be created within an existing category (ie a sub-category). 


  1. Go to Topic Management > Question > Category
    In the question block, select categories
  2. Scroll down the screen (categories may already be listed, that you can edit) you will see the option Add category

  3. Choose a Parent category from the pull-down list (defaulted to your topic name) – you are most likely to leave it at your topic name, but you could also add a sub-category within an already created category
    Add Category
  4. Give the category a Name

  5. Add Category info (optional)
  6. In the question block, select categories
  7. Click ID number (optional) 
  8. Click Add category button

  9. The new category should be listed under the relevant Parent category
    Question categories

  10. Once created, you can also Edit categories (rename, add/change category info), delete, re-order and indent (make into a subcategory).

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