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I can't see questions from other quizzes

If you create a quiz, then add 'a new question' rather than add 'from question bank' (Actions menu > Edit quiz screen), you may stumble into this problem. If you leave the Category as 'Default for [topic name]' or choose another category that you have already created, there won't be a problem. But if you choose the category ‘Default for [quiz name]’ from the pull-down menu, the questions will belong to the quiz and you won't be able to see or use them for any another quiz in the topic (e.g. in a revision quiz, or an end-of-topic exam that draws from questions used in formative quizzes throughout the topic).

Solution to prevent this problem

Do one of the following:

  • Option 1: Go to the Question bank from your topic homepage (Topic Management > Question bank). Create a category and questions first, before you create the quiz, then add questions into your quiz 'from question bank'

  • Option 2: Create a category, then create the quiz and 'add a new question', making sure the new question is saved in the category you created

Note: We strongly advise option 1 as the best approach to creating quizzes. See Add a category to the question bank for more information.

Solution if you have this problem

If you already have this problem and need to use your questions in other quizzes:

  1. From your topic home page, go to Topic Management > Question bank > Categories
  2. Create a new category (probably best to make the parent category 'top')
  3. Go to your existing quiz, then Actions menu > Question bank
  4. Select all questions which are in the quiz's default category, then using the 'With selected' menu at the bottom of the page, move to your new category

Note: Questions can be moved to different categories even if they are already used in quizzes, though be careful if they are used as random questions in a quiz.

I can't unhide the grade column in gradebook for a quiz

Quiz results visibility settings are controlled within the settings of the quiz activity, not in the gradebook. 

Check the Marks setting for Later, while the quiz is still open and/or After the quiz is closedPlease see the entry Create a quiz and scroll down to Review options for further information.

I can't add/delete questions in my quiz

Once a quiz has been attempted, no additional questions may be added to that quiz, and no questions can be deleted (removed).

The following message will display on the Editing quiz screen (Actions menu > Edit quiz).

Cannot add or remove questions message

You can, however, delete questions if no attempts have been made. To delete multiple questions (Actions menu > Edit quiz):

  1. Click the Select multiple items button
  2. Click the Select all button or select individual questions
  3. Click the Delete selected button
    Delete questions
  4. You will be asked to confirm that you want to removed the selected questions, so check these are the questions you want deleted
  5. Click the Yes button

I have assigned answers to a quiz question incorrectly

If, before a quiz opens, you discover that a question requires editing or correction, it can be easily edited. Enter the Question bank and locate the relevant question. Select Edit question from the Edit drop-down menu for the question. After making the required changes, click Save changes.

If you discover the error after student access has commenced, it is possible to regrade your quiz. To regrade a quiz attempt you will first need to edit the quiz question that needs changing. When a quiz question is changed, all instances of that question will be altered (e.g. if the question is used in another quiz, it will also be altered). Students will not be notified of the changes made. Refer to the Edit quiz questions (and regrade quiz) entry.

I accidentally deleted a quiz and want to restore it

What you should do

If you accidentally delete a quiz and want to restore it, you can either:

  • recreate the quiz – deleting the quiz activity does not delete the questions from the question bank (the original questions are available to use)
  • contact your local eLearning support team to discuss if it's possible to restore the quiz from a previous availability.
What you should not do

You may be aware that you can restore deleted activities from the recycle bin, however, this is not recommended for quizzes. Restoring a quiz from the recycle bin will duplicate the question bank (make a copy of each question). If quizzes in your topic use random questions, students may receive the same question more than once. If you've restored a quiz from the recycle bin you will need to delete the duplicate questions before any quiz with random questions opens. Duplicate questions have '(copy)' appended to the question name.

If you need help, contact your local eLearning support team.

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