How do I exclude sources in a Turnitin originality report?

Excluding Sources in Turnitin

Removing a source from an Originality Report will "recalculate" the similarity index without consideration to the removed source in question. This feature is used for many reasons, but is often used when a paper has been submitted twice or more to Turnitin, and the Originality Report is reporting a high match (e.g. 100%) to a previous submission. Removing a source from an Originality Report may provide a more clear similarity index (percentage). 


  • Click on the Assignment assignment icon

  • Click view all submissions button

  • Click on the Percentage to load the Turnitin Document Viewer

    turnitin percentage

  • By default the Filter and Settings will load

  • Click the graph icon to load All Sources

    turnitin graph panel

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Exclude sources

    exclude sources button

  • Select the sources you wish to exclude

  • Click the Exclude button
    exclude button

Your originality report will then recalculate (excluding the sources you selected).

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