Add a user override to an assignment

In an assignment, you can change the dates for a particular group or user using the override functionality . If you want to create a Group override, groups will need to be set up in your topic.


You must override at least one of the below settings.

  1. Click on the Assignment

  2. Click on the Assignment administration block

  3. Select User overrides
    assignment administration block
  4. Click add group override button
  5. In the next screen, choose an Override user (required field).  

    Override user in assignment
  6. Select one or all of the choices -  allow submissions from, the due date and/or cut-off date (if not applicable, untick box, make at least one selection)
    allow submissions from
  7. Click Save (if you require more overrides, click 'Save and enter another overrride')
    save icon, save and enter another override icon, cancel icon

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