Create an Active quiz

Before you start

We recommend that you set up a question bank and questions

  1. In the topic, click Turn editing on

  2. In the week/module where you want to add the quiz, click Add an activity or resource

  3. Select Active Quiz and click Add

  4. Give the Active Quiz and name and description

  5. Set up the Grade settings and Review options
      • If the 'Assessed' box is left at the default (ticked) the results of the quiz will appear in the Gradebook
      • If the 'Manual Comment' box is left ticked, you can add a comment when grading an attempt

  6. Click Save and display

  7. Click Edit quiz to start adding questions

  8. Choose a question from your question bank.
    For help creating questions, see Create a new question.
    Create a new question, or select the category containing an existing question, then click + to add the question to the quiz.

  9. Review the question settings, and click Add question

  10. Repeat steps 8 and 9 to add more questions.

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