Build a database

Defining a database field
First you must create a database. Next you need to define the kind of fields about information you wish to collect. You can use a database preset (see below). It is then optional to edit the database templates to alter the way in which the database displays entries.

Choose a predefined set of fields

1. Click the Presets Tab
presets tab

2. In the Presets page, scroll down to the Use a preset section
preset field

3. Select the preset eg Image gallery and click Choose
database choose button

4. On the Field mappings page select the Overwrite current settings check box and click Continue – you will be invited to Add entries.

field mappings page

Create your own fields

1. Click the Fields tab to create a new field section
database fields tab

2. Choose from the drop-down list the field type you want to create.
create a new field section

3. Enter the Field name, Field description and any other required information, and click Add.

datbase fields addition 

4. A field added box will appear. Once you have finished adding your fields they will appear listed in the fields tab.

You may want to edit the database templates to make the database entries display the way you want them. Do this on the Templates pages.  The Moodle Docs page "Database templates" provides useful instructions, tips and further information about creating database templates.

Make your database searchable

Once you and your students have built the database beyond a certain size, you'll want it to be searchable.
You can make your database searchable in two ways. 

1. On the View list or Search page, deselect the Advanced search check box and click Save settings.
advanced search button

2. Then do one of the following two things:

  1.     Use the fields that now display below the list to conduct a simple search. To search, enter a Search term and either click Save settings or press Enter.
  2.     Select the Templates tab, then on the Templates page select the Advanced search template tab, and define the template to suit your and your students' needs.

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