Create a database

1. Click  

2, Click

3, Select database tool icon

4. Click  Add

5. On the Adding a new Database page, click Expand all
expand all

6. In the General section enter a Name for the database and some text in the Description field explaining how the database will be used.
general description

 7. Under Entries, select:
o whether the supervisor's Approval is required before the entry will display to other students in the database, and
o whether it is allowed to edit the approved entries (this is disabled if no approval is required)
o whether you will Allow comments on entries
o the number of Entries required for completion per student if the activity is to be considered complete, and
o the number of Entries required before viewing other students’ entries.
o the Maximum number of entries any student can contribute to the database.
database entries screen

8. If necessary, under Availability, Enable the date fields and define the periods for which the database will be Available (i.e. open to contributions) and available in Read-only form.

availability screen

9. Under RSS, select how many Entries in the RSS feed you want to display


10. Set up the Ratings system, if you want students to be able to rate entries. (You must save the activity before the Roles with permission to rate will display.) You can:
o tell FLO how to decide on a final rating (Aggregate type)
o indicate whether to apply a Scale to the ratings
o Restrict ratings to items with dates in the given date range.


11. Complete the remainder of the page and click Save and display.

You will now need to define fields for your database, see the instructions in Build a database

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