I can't see questions from other quizzes

If you create a quiz, then 'add a new question' rather than add 'from question bank' (in the Quiz administration > Edit quiz screen), you may stumble into this problem. If you leave the Category as 'Default for [topic name]' or choose another category that you have already created, there won't be a problem. But if you choose the category ‘Default for [quiz name]’ from the pull-down menu, the questions will belong to the quiz and you won't be able to see or use them for any another quiz in the topic (eg in a revision quiz, or an end-of-topic exam that draws from questions used in formative quizzes throughout the topic).

Solution to prevent this problem

Do one of the following:

  1. Go to Question bank from your topic homepage (Administration > Question bank). Create a category and questions first, before you create the quiz, then add questions into your quiz 'from question bank'
  2. Create a category, then create the quiz and 'add a new question', making sure the new question goes under the category you have created

We strongly advise solution 1 as the best approach to creating quizzes.

Solution if you have this problem

If you already have this problem and need to use your questions in other quizzes:

  1. From your topic home page, go to Question bank > Categories
  2. Create a new category (probably best to make the parent category 'top')
  3. Go to your existing quiz, then Administration > Question bank
  4. Select all questions which are in the quiz's default category, then using the 'With selected' menu at the bottom of the page, move to your new category

Note: Questions can be moved to different categories even if they are already used in quizzes, though be careful if they are used as random questions in a quiz.

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