Add categories to a glossary

Adding categories to a glossary means you can apply them to entries (and have more than one). This makes entries more searchable (via the 'Browse by category' tab), especially important when there are a lot of entries. This glossary is a good example of a glossary that needs, and uses, categories.

Before you start

Create a glossary activity


  1. Enter the glossary activity you would like to add categories to
    glossary icon
  2. Select the Browse by category tab

  3. Click Edit categories
    browse by category tab

  4. Select Add category
    Click add category

  5. Provide your category with a category Name

  6. Use the Automatically link this category drop-down menu to select whether or not you would like to automatically link the category. 
    For more information about auto-linking, see Set up auto-linking in a glossary entry

  7. Select Save changes
    name, auto-link option, save changes

  8. The newly created category will be displayed

  9. Click Add category to add another category
    add category

    The categories you create will allow users the option to browse by the glossary by category
    student view - browsing by category

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