I have assigned answers to a quiz question incorrectly

If, before a quiz opens, you discover that a question requires editing or correction, it can be easily edited.  Enter the Question bank and locate the relevant question, then select the edit cog besides it.  After making the required changes, click Save changes.

question bank

If you discover the error after student access has commenced, it is possible to regrade your quiz.   When a quiz question is altered all instances of that question will be altered eg. if the question is used in another quiz it will also be altered.  Please note:   Students will not be notified of the changes made.

To regrade a quiz attempt you will first need to edit the quiz question that needs changing.

Edit Quiz Question


  1. Click on the link for the quiz you have created

  2. Click the Edit quiz link in the Administration block 
    edit quiz button
  3. Click on Cog Wheel to edit question
    Cog Wheel
  4. Make changes, click save changes

You can now regrade the quiz

Regrading Quiz


  1. Click on the quiz
  2. Click 'Attempts' at the bottom of the screen
  3. Next to 'show only attempts' tick the box 'that have been regraded/are marked as needed regrading'
    regrade attempts
  4. Click 'Dry run a full regrade'

  5. Click on the 'Continue' button once the 'Regrade completed successfully' screen has appeared

  6.  Once completed the attempts that need regrading will appear in the regrade column with 'Needed' appearing

  7. Click on the 'Regrade attempts marked as needed regrading' button

  8. Click 'Continue' button once 'Regrade completed successfully' appears

  9. To complete the process click 'Regrade All'

  10. Click 'Continue' button once 'Regrade completed successfully' appears

You will now notice that the regrade column disappears and this has regraded your quiz.

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