View the results of a feedback activity


  1. Click the feedback tool from the topic page
    feedback activity icon
  2. To view an analysis of submitted responses, select the Analysis tab

    By default, the responses from all participants will display in this view.

    To view only the results submitted by members of a specific group, select that group from the drop-down menu. The option to view groups is only available if groups have been enabled in the administration settings of the activity (feedback administration>edit settings>common module settings)

  3. To view responses on the individual level, select the Show responses tab
    show responses tab highlighted
    If the survey is not anonymous, it is possible to view the set of responses submitted by each respondent. Filter by group or by first or last initial, then click on the date beside the respondent's name
    click the date beside the respondent's name
    Anonymous surveys responses can also be viewed at the individual level. Anonymity is maintained by the removal of the student's name, which is replaced by a response number. To view responses click Show responses, then choose a response number and click the Show response icon beside it
    click 'show responses'
    list of annonymous entries
    anonymous feedback example

  4. To export responses, return to the analysis tab and click export to excel
    export to excel button

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