Create a drag and drop into text question

Before you start

We recommend that you add a category to the question bank.

Want to see how this question type works?

  1. Self enrol in the Collections in FLO topic
  2. View question 10: Drag and drop into text question (Colour quiz)


  1. In the question bank (Administration > Question bank), click Create a new question…
    Question bank
    Click create a new question
  2. Select Drag and drop into text and click Add
    Select drag and drop into text
  3. Supply your question with a name and question text:  
    In your question text, leaves 'gaps' indicated by two sets of square brackets with a number inside.  This number will indicate the correct choice for that gap
    Type question text
  4. Provide the question a default mark and enter any general feedback (shown to the student after they have completed the question)  
    enter a default mark and type general feedback
  5. Enter Choices:
    Decide whether to shuffle the choices (tick the box or leave unticked).  Shuffling is recommended to prevent student's from surmising the correct answer based on choice order

    The choice with the same number as the numbered text gap is the correct answer for that gap 
    type choices
  6. To add additional 'incorrect' drag and drop answers, add additional choices that do not correspond to a numbered text gap. (in this example there is no text gap labelled [[4]], thus 'green' will be an additional option that is not the correct answer to any question)
    additional choice
  7. If using multiple choices for each question, it may be useful to Group the choices.  
    Each group will be represented by a different colour, which will apply to both the relevant gap(s) in the text and to the choices for that group. 
    select groups
    preview of quiz with groups
    Avoid using groups in simple questions with only as many choices as correct answers.  
    In this scenario the use of groups will only give away the answers.
    unwise use of groups
  8. You can preview the question to check that it works correctly before clicking the Save changes button: Preview
  9. Click Save changes (you can now preview the question by choosing it in the question bank list and clicking the preview icon preview icon

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