Export calendar to Outlook

You can import events in your FLO site into your Outlook calendar (or another calendar). This may help you manage the topic/events.


  1. Open your calendar by clicking on the month link.
    click the 'month' link
  2. Click on Export calendar
    click export
  3. The screen below will open.  Select the options you want and then click on Get Calendar URL
    click 'get calendar url'

  4. The URL generated is your calendar’s URL. Copy this URL into your clipboard.
    calendar url display
  5. Now you can import the calendar into Microsoft Outlook. 

Microsoft Outlook

  1. Go to File > Account Settings.  Select Account settings from the drop-down menu
    Click file>account settings>account settings
  2. Click on the Internet Calendars tab
  3. Click on New and enter the FLO calendar URL
  4. Click Add
    enter the url
  5. Add details about the calendar and click OK
    give the calendar a name and description
  6. You will then see your FLO calendar as an other calendar in Outlook. Opening it will allow you see your FLO calendar side-by-side with your Outlook calendar.
    location of FLO calendar in 'other calendars' folder in outlook
    calendar in outlook

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