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Blogs are a specific type of social networking tool which is presented as a website with regular entries including commentary, descriptions and links to digital resources such as videos and images. A blog can be used as a web authoring tool and for hosting a range of digital resources such as an eportfolio. Strictly speaking blog tools provide users with the space to write, publish, and share. Because of this capability, blogs can be used for a range of education purposes, including assessment and peer learning.

The blog tool in FLO (OU blog) is intuitive for users (there is a 'New blog post' button at the top of the blog screen. Once clicked, the user can use the HTML editor to add/edit their post entry). However, you may want to prompt users (ie students) what to blog about, either in the Introduction (see Create an OU blog, step 5) or somewhere else in the FLO site.

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