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Social media tools are a popular web-based technologies where users "can be entertained, communicate and participate in a social environment" Bercovici (2010, para. 4). 
Commonly used for storing, communicating, and sharing different types of digital resources like media, the use of these tools can vary greatly between personal, professional and educational purposes. Ultimately, social media tools can be used to support formal learning opportunities in the classroom and informal learning opportunities beyond the traditional classroom walls. 


Getting started with social media

When designing topics for the inclusion of social media tools, consider how the vast arrange of tools may be used to:

  • establish and maintain social presence online
  • provide a platform for sharing annotated digital resources (web pages)
  • encourage cooperation and collaboration in the online classroom
  • provide professional development opportunities to learn from others by sharing digital resources
  • encourages sustainable, long term digital resource and information sharing, which is accessible anywhere, anytime 
  • connect social learning resources and spaces for new literacy practices


Consider using the ‘Commonsense for Practice Wheel’ to support the testing and integration of the selected tool(s).

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Bercovici, J. (2010). Who coined "social media"? Web pioneers compete for credit. Retrieved from 

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