Create an OU blog

The OU blog is intuitive for users (there is a 'New blog post' button New blog post button at the top of the blog screen. Once clicked, the user can use the HTML editor to add/edit their post entry). However, you may want to prompt users (ie students) what to blog about, either in the Introduction (step 5 below) or somewhere else in the FLO site.


  1. In the topic, click Turn editing on

  2. In the week/module where you want to add the forum, click Add an activity or resource
  3. Select OU blog OU blog icon and click Add
  4. You will be taken to the Adding a new OU blog screen where you can set the parameters of your blog

  5. Give the blog a Name and Introduction

  6. If desired, use the Individual blogs drop-down menu to select individual blogs. If individual blogs are not required, leave this menu at the default no (blog together or in groups)

  7. Click Save and display

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