Add a clock block

A clock block is a handy resource for enrolled students from different timezones (eg overseas or interstate). This feature is particularly relevant if the topic is fully online, and important for activities such as live chat, FLO Live and assignment submission (due date/time).

How it works: when a student accesses your FLO site from another location and timezone, they can immediately see from the clock block what time it is according to the server and according to them. You could highlight this feature when you orient students to the topic. You could also provide a link to the FLO help for students site (> Personalisation) which provides video instructions on how to change their FLO profile (including their timezone, if not South Australian time). That way the clock block will be effectively personalised: 


  1. In your topic, click Turn editing on

  2. Locate the Add a block menu (usually on the right-hand side) and select Clock
    Select 'Clock'

The newly created Clock block will display two clocks; Server Time and You time 

Clock block

To re-position the block, hover over the move icon move icon then click and drag

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