Rate a forum post (teachers/students)

Before you start

If the forum has been set up for ratings, it will automatically appear in the gradebook


Depending on the marking/assessment strategy, a student will probably only do step 1.

  1. Go to the forum, open a forum post (click on the link) and rate it using the drop-down rating box. (In the example below, the scale is out of 5)

  2. You could sample just one post for rating, or go into each post and rate them all (depending on the marking/assessment strategy)
    Example: With the setting below, teachers would rate each student's forum post/s out of 5. If more than one post is rated and the ratings are set to ‘Average of ratings’, they will average out. For example, if one post is rated 4 and another post rated 2, the average rating for a student's posts in this assessment item will then be 3 out of a possible 5 points.

    rate a forum post
  3. In the gradebook, the rating you assigned a student will automatically show in the Grader report View tab. Depending on the settings for the forum, the gradebook will average out the ratings given to a student. You can adjust these in the gradebook if you want to moderate (eg peer assessment and teacher assessment).

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