Download feedback files in a zip for marking offline

If the assignment has been set up to include a marking guide (feedback files), then when you mark the assignment submission, you will probably use (and mark up) the marking guide which will be attached to each submission. You will need to download these feedback files separately to the assignment submissions.


1. From your topic click on the assignment and then click on View/Grade all submissions.

2. Select Download feedback files in a zip from the Grading action menu (at the top of the screen).

Download feedback files in a zip

3. The feedback files will download. To open:

  • Internet Explorer – click ‘Open’
  • Mozilla Firefox – select ‘Open with…’ and click OK
  • Google Chrome – will display the download zip file in the bottom bar in the left corner. Click the arrow and go to Open.

4. You will need to extract the feedback files. To do this, click Extract all files in the toolbar 

Extract all files

5. You will need to decide where you are going to put the files. This should be a folder on your computer that you can find easily later. Perhaps a subfolder within the area that you store topic information. Choose the destination folder by clicking Browse. 

Note: If you are saving files anywhere outside of the university network (eg USB Drive, Dropbox, GoogleDrive) then please make sure you take regular backups of your work.

6. When you download the assignment submissions, you could save them to this folder as well. That way you can match marking guides against student submissions, and mark them side by side.

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