Add a group or user override to a quiz

In a quiz, you can change the dates, timing and the number of allowed attempts for groups or users. If you want to create a Group override, groups will need to be set up in your topic.


You must override at least one of the settings.

  1. Click on the quiz

  2. Click on the Quiz administration block

  3. Select Group overrides or User overrides
    quiz administration block
  4. Click add group override button or
  5. In the next screen, choose an override group or user/s (you can search for a user or scroll through a list) (required field)
  6. Decide whether the group or user will require password, what dates the quiz will open and close on for this group or user/s, the time limit and attempts allowed
    input password, close and poen dates, time limit and attempts allowed
  7. Click Save
    save icon, save and enter another override icon, cancel icon

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