Export and import glossary entries

You can export and import glossary entries into a new glossary. For example, you have created a glossary of relevant terms/definitions in one topic and developed it over the semester. You want to include this glossary as a resource in the next semester the topic is taught, or include it in another topic altogether. When the glossary is imported it will not bring across the individual entries. To do this, in the glossary view, you will need to first export the entries (Administration block > Export entries) and then, in the topic glossary you wish to import them into, import the entries (Administration block > Import entries). Whoever does the importing is the author of all imported entries.

You are advised to request support from your local eLearning support team to do this, as there are some considerations/limitations to this process. For example, the following features cannot be imported:

  • Student-created entries – their names will not come across (a good thing)
  • Comments on entries
  • Categories for entries (the categories will be imported but no entries will be attached to these, so you will need to manually do this)

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