Integrate Progress bar block

The 'Progress bar block' is a time management tool for students. The block is fully customisable to show students what activities/resources are required within a topic. This may be summative or formative tasks, or a combination of tasks. The colour coded block shows students what they have and haven't done to complete/view required tasks with an expected due date. 


Teaching staff can see an overview of students' progress using the same colour code system.

Before you start

  • Consider which activities/resources are essential to a student's completion of a topic. This may include summative and formative tasks.
  • Turn on completion tracking with your FLO site administration settings.

Note: If you have more than one progress bar in a topic (eg one per module), it may slow down topic load time and the experience for all users (especially where there are lots of activities in each progress bar). Choose the items for display that are required overall (like all assessments) or set up one for each week/topic, turning the blocks on and off (show and hide) as required.


Set up the components
  1. Set up (configure) the criteria for the Progress Bar block by turning editing ON and select the Update button.

  2. Name the block and indicate whether you wish to use the tick and cross icons, how the bar is to be ordered, the use of the 'NOW' indicator and whether you want the students to see a percentage completion.

  3. Select the components you want to display in the block by changing the 'No' to 'Yes' under the Monitored section of each activity or resource. Change the 'Expected by' date and if required, the 'Action' which needs to be performed. 
  4. Set where the block should appear and then Save changes.
    select where the block will appear
View the students' progress
  1. To view the statistics of student's progress for activities/resources listed in the 'Progress Bar Block', click Overview of students on the block.
    overview of students button
  2. Filter the list to all students or other roles using the Role drop down filter.
    use drop-down menu to select role
  3. Hover mouse over the 'Progress bar' colours to view details.

  4. Alternatively, use the 'Progress' percentage column (if turned on) to view overall progress of the activities/resources. 


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