Access logs reports

Logs in FLO are activity reports. A teacher can use the Logs report to create different reports that show activity in the topic.

The log can be used to see:

  • how often a resource or activity has been accessed (see also Activity report)
  • if an individual student has viewed a resource or activity (see also Activity report)
  • when a student has participated in an activity (e.g. posted to a forum, attempted a quiz, submitted an assignment) (see also Engagement analytics). 

Note: Logs cannot reliably show how long a user has been doing an activity or if they actually viewed a resource. The logs will only show whether the resource was opened.

Before you start

What do you want your students to do? What are you looking for when you monitor student actions in FLO? How will you action what you see (strategies)? 

Topic design steps (Design for online) may help you with these bigger picture questions – constructive alignment, assessments for online. 


  1. In the topic, locate the Administration tab

    administration block

  2. Under Topic administration, click on Reports then Logs 

    log reports

  3. Choose what you want to see and how (display on page, or download in a range of formats)

    choose which log

  4. Depending on your choices, you will see a display of activity in your topic for a specified day

    log activity

  5. Depending on what type of activity you have set up and your parameters for participation, you may want to see the action/s View, Add, Update, Delete, All changes

    range of log actions

  6. Depending on your needs individual usersselected days and/or selected activities can be filtered (or you can show all for a complete listing)

    logs filter

  7. Click Get these logs button

  8. A breakdown of the topic logs will appear

    Logs description

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