Access grade history reports

The gradebook keeps a 'Grade history' of all changes made to grades. The Grade history report allows grading staff to view a history of what has happened to grades in their topic. This report is especially helpful if topics have multiple graders and a teacher needs to see if a grade/s from one grader (original grade) was altered by another (revised grade).

This is a useful record/overview for the moderator of topic grades.

Before you start

Find out more about Grades and grading.


  1. In the topic, locate the Administration tab .  Under Topic administration, select Grades
    topic administration block - select
  2. Click on the Grade history tab
    administration block - grade history
  3. The Grade history tab allows you to Select user (student), the Grade item (assessment activity) and Grader (student). You can select more than one user, all grade items or just one, and all graders or just one.

    grade history users
  4. Click Submit 
    submit and export buttons
  5. If you Submit, scroll below the Submit button to see the grade history for the students you have selected
    students' grade history

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