Add a Twitter feed to a FLO block in a topic

Before you start

  1. Create a Twitter account at For an overview of what Twitter can do, watch 
  2. Set up your profile on Twitter
  3. Create a shortcut to your Twitter profile in your browser
  4. Install Twitter app on your mobile device


Twitter is a social networking tool which enables you to communicate to individuals, groups or organisations to share and network interesting web links and thoughts, including backchannelling from events in real-time. As we encounter inspiring people, interesting organisations and multiple, valuable web resources daily, sharing them with other like-minded people is what Twitter does well. This is particularly important when managing a professional learning network or encouraging students to manage the people and resources we make available. Online etiquette is also a consideration when using social networking platforms for educational purposes. 


Once you have created an account, follow the steps to embed a list feed of links in FLO. 

  1. In your topic, click Turn editing on
  2. Locate the Add a block menu (usually on the right-hand side)
  3. Select the HTML block.
  4. Now return to your Twitter account and access Settings.
  5. Select Widgets. This is the space were you will manage and create new timeline sources needed for displaying feeds.
  6. Select Create New.
  7. Choose whether you want to create a widget code for your timeline, a favourite timeline (someone else's), a list of timelines (a subscribed list generated in TweetDeck), a search word (create for hashtags), or a collection which has been generated in TweetDeck. Note, the Search option enables the use of multiple hashtags or key words. Use AND in between the terms/hashtag to enable exact matching. Alternatively use OR to increase searchability to either/or hashtags of tag words. 
  8. Adjust the size, theme and search options as required.
  9. Create the collection by selecting Create widget.
  10. Copy the code located under the preview window and return to FLO. 
  11. Navigate to the newly created HTML block and turn editing on but clicking the 'configure' button (config.jpg)
  12. Name the block 
  13. In the content section, click the HTML button to open the editor (HTML%20button.jpg)
  14. Paste the code from Twitter into the HTML editor and click Update
  15. Click Save changes
  16. The block can then be positioned in the right hand side as desired



Additional information

For additional information, refer to the Twitter support page for using TweetDeck at which will assist you to create lists and collections for display in FLO. An alternative is to create lists in Twitter (Profile & Settings>Lists).

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