Add a SCORM package to FLO

Before you start

  1. Create an interactive package in your tool of choice (if unsure refer to the tool picker for creating elearning scenarios)
  2. Save the package as SCORM that is compatible with Moodle 1.2 (not SCORM 2004)


SCORM modules enable you to package elearning modules or lessons built with software, place them into FLO (Moodle) and maintain their functionality. If you are new to creating and publishing SCORM modules, you are advised to create a short sample using the features you wish to use and test FLO's capability to manage the package. Testing through this process is particularly important when developing interactive modules that use new features such as RSS feeds and embedded videos from YouTube.

Be sure to zip the package during the publishing phase.


Once you have created and published a SCORM package as a zip file, use the following steps to embed in FLO. 

  1. In your topic, click Turn editing on
    turn editing on
  2. Open the module Add an activity or resource SCORM package and follow prompts
    Add an activity or resource    
    scorm icon
  3. Complete the settings as required for display, including grade and attempts management to set the grade content (if applicable)
  4. Click Save and display changes

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