How to create wiki pages

Creating wiki pages can be confusing if you aren't familiar with wikis. A key principle is that pages on a wiki should be linked together in some way. In order to ensure this happens, you have to create a link to the new page before you can create the new page itself.

Wiki links

When editing a page, links are created by typing the title of a page you want to link to inside double square brackets.

• If you wish to link to a page titled Application, you would type [[Application]]


  1. Click on the wiki link (whatever you have named it in the topic.

  2. Click Create page 
    wiki page
  3. Think of a title for your page. The title should be different to the titles of other pages   on the wiki. It should describe the content of your page. An example title might be Brainstorming ideas A.

  4. Decide which page should link to your new page. If the wiki is small this might be the start page. Otherwise, find an appropriate page.

  5. Edit the page that will contain the link by clicking the Edit tab.

  6. Find the point where you would like the link to go, and type it in: [[Brainstorming ideas A]]. You’ll want to think carefully about the page title because both titles and pages are permanent and cannot be renamed or deleted.
    type link in double square brackets
  7. Save this change. The link you have created should appear, ready for use.
    Click the newly created link
  8. Click the link. You will be asked whether you want to create a new page.
    click 'create page'
  9. Click Yes. The edit window appears for your new page. 

  10. Type in the initial text of your page, then save it. Your page is now created.
    edit new page
    click save changes button

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