How to add a wiki

A Wiki can be a collaborative site where:

  • everyone in the collaboration space can contribute to a shared document
  • participants can add and edit a collection of webpages.

Wiki can also be individual, where everyone has their own wiki which only they can edit. This space could be used for self-reflection activities.


  1. Click Turn editing on button
    click 'turn editing on'
  2. Click Add an activity or resource to open the Activity Chooser
    'add an activity or resource' button
  3. Select Wiki and click Add (or double-click on Wiki)
    select 'wiki'
  4. Enter a name for the first page of the wiki (eg”Home Page”). Note this cannot be changed later. The wiki name will appear as the link in your collaboration space. You could use the description for instructions or the purpose of the wiki.
    type a name for the first page

  5. Click Save and display

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