Enter grades for manual grade items

If you have used a manual grade item (i.e. for tasks that are not assessed through FLO), you will need to enter grades directly into the gradebook. If you have used an assignment, quiz or other FLO activity, all grading should happen within the activity.

Before you start

Make sure you have created the manual grade items in the gradebook


  1. Locate the Administration tab

  2. Click Grades
    In the Administration block, select topic administration and then 'grades'
  3. Make sure you are in the View tab
    select 'view' in the grader report
  4. Click on the cell corresponding to the student and the grade item

  5. The cell will change to an editable area. Enter the grade (e.g 9)

  6. Press the Enter key

    click to edit grades

  7. Click Update to save your changes

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