Categorise grade items

You may choose to categorise grade items for organisation for simplification, or to enable the use of sub-totals when calculating the topic total.


  1. Locate the Administration block (usually on the left-hand side)

  2. Click Grades
    In the administration block, select topic and then 'grades'
  3. Click Setup, Gradebook setup

    setup tab

  4. Click Add category

    add category button

  5. Give the category a Name

  6. Choose an appropriate Aggregation method. This is the method used to combine all grades within that category to create a sub-total. The two most common options are Sum of grades (adding all grades together to create a sub-total), or Simple weighted mean of grades (averaging the grades, giving equal weight to each grade item).

    grade category name and aggregation method

  7. Click Save changes

  8. To move grade items into the newly created category, select the checkbox next to each grade item, and use the Move selected items to menu to move the items into the category you just created.

    select categories and move selected items to new category

  9. Click save changes

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