Calculate a topic total excluding formative / non-graded items

This method of calculating the topic total is used when the FLO site contains formative, practice or non-assessable activities, as well as summative assessment tasks that count towards the topic total. 


  1. In the Administration block, click Grades
    In the administration block, select topic administration and then 'grades
  2. In the gradebook, click the Categories and items tab, clcik gradebook setup
    select 'categories and items'
  3. Click the Add category button

    add a category

  4. GIve the new category a name, and click Save changes

    category name

  5. Click the check box next to each formative / non-graded item, and use the Move selected items to menu to move items into the newly created category

    move selected items to

  6. Set the topic Aggregation method to Weighted mean of grades

    set aggregation to weighted mean of grades

  7. Set the weight for the formative / non-graded category to zero
    set weight to zero

  8. Click save changes

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