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When assessing work in Mahara, consider how you will provide feedback to students. If work has been submitted through the Assignment tool, you have two 'locations' where your interaction happens: in Mahara (through Comments) and in FLO (through the normal channels of assignment feedback). You will probably need to use a mix of both, as appropriate to your context. 

Commenting in Mahara

When in a student's submitted Mahara assignment you are able to interact using the comments functions, provided the student has not turned comments off. Each page has a comments field, and some items of content also have comments enabled (Journal entries, Notes and files). As a visitor to the student's ePortfolio, you can leave comments here, but note that these comments are then managed by the student - they can choose to delete them if they wish.

Comments in Mahara 'give' the student something they can use in their portfolio as part of their portfolio, for example:

  • praise for work well done
  • useful extra information, or
  • evidence of you having been there

Providing feedback and marks in FLO

Feedback that relates to your judgement on the quality of the work submitted and justifies a grade given is formal and should occur in FLO. This acts as a record of your thinking should there be a grade challenge. 

Saving work as a PDF

In some situations, you may need to save a submitted page as a PDF. This is an extra step and is not required for assessment records. However, you may choose to do this for:

  • a record: if a formal record of the work is required, e.g. for accrediting bodies
  • annotation: you want to annotate a page with comments (mirroring what you may do with a traditional assignment)
  • research: the page is a research artefact
  • example: the page is an example of work, intended to be shared or presented with others 

Remember to seek and gain the necessary consent if you are saving a Page for purposes other than assessment. 

To save as a PDF: 

  1. Click on three dots on the top right corner of the Page
  2. Choose Print
  3. This will open your computer's printing screen. Go to the destination box and select a PDF option. The name of this option(s) can vary but may be called 'Save to PDF', 'Adobe PDF', or something similar.

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