CBGL Topic Guide

This pages describes a bespoke solution used in the College of Business, Government and Law.



The purpose of this resource is to walk you through the process of filling out the new Topic Guide Template using the Book tool in FLO.

All CBGL topics must have a Topic Guide, so have introduced a new template to ensure consistency across the college and to make sure the essential items are covered. 

While it is easy to drag and drop a PDF or Word file straight into your topic page, For longer documents like the Topic Guide the Book tool is a great choice. Some features are:

  • Several connected pages with a table of contents – a bit like a mini website
  • Displays neatly on the course page, saving space
  • Ability to include text, images, links, sound and video
  • Easy to update if the information changes (no need to delete and re-upload a file!)
  • More user friendly than a Word doc or PDF for students using a phone.
  • Easy for students to print the contents of the book, or save as a PDF for offline use

The template is also pre-populated with generic content to save you time and ensure consistency across topics.

Find the Topic guide on your site

Each topic will have a pre-populated Topic Guide Book in the Topic information and resources module of your FLO topic site. They will be hidden from students until you fill them out and make them visible.

Open the Topic Guide

Just click to open and you will enter the pre-populated and pre-formatted book with its handy table of contents on the right.

What is on the first page?

Before you leave the first page you will notice that it has already been prepopulated for you, as have all the other pages. This is information that is common to all topics and you will need to augment it with information relevant to your own topic. Where you need to customise you will see red text, you can simply type in, or cut and paste your own text into these areas. To make changes you will need to go into edit mode.

Editing a page

In the Book tool the pages are called Chapters, and to edit a Chapter you can choose Edit settings from the cog drop down menu in the top right hand corner of the Chapter. Alternatively, you can turn editing on by clicking on the editing button in the top right of the page.

When you have turned on editing you will notice the TOC menu looks different. There are now a series of icons next to each entry.

Select the cog icon for the Chapter that you want to edit and you will go into the familiar FLO editing interface.

This will take you to the content editor view for the Chapter you have selected. You can then add or remove content, including text, tables images and video.


Navigate between Chapters by using the Next links, or by using the TOC entries.

For further help contact the CBGL Learning Designer.

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