Assignment - create a Mahara assignment

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Mahara ePortfolio is an evolving resource that records, stores and archives a student's artefacts of learning and reflection. It has the potential to demonstrate professional and personal growth, exemplify evidence-based practice and provide a planning space for future professional development needs and experiences

Create a Mahara assignment

Create an assignment (for file submissions) and make the following adjustments to the settings.

Submission settings

For Submission types:

  • Untick file submissions
  • Tick Mahara portfolio.

Locked submitted pages

You can choose to either lock a student's work at the point of submission or leave it unlocked to allow students to continue to record their growth. There are three options:

  • "No": This is the default option. Submitted pages and collections will be editable by the students. This provides you with a 'live window' to their work.
  • If "Yes, keep locked" is selected, submitted Mahara pages and collections will be locked from editing in Mahara and will remain locked after grading. This option is not recommended unless required by an accrediting body.
  • If "Yes, but unlock after grading", the page or collection will be unlocked after grading, or, if marking workflow has been used, they will be unlocked when marks are released to the student.

Note that with any of these options, a student may at any time make a copy of their submitted work and keep editing it. Hence it is helpful to think of submitted work as a 'version' or a snapshot in time. If you need to see another version at a later time, create another Assignment dropbox.

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