Gradebook - mark in FLO using a rubric (assignments and forums)

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This entry relates to the Gradebook.

If you set up a rubric (an advanced grading feedback form) when you created an assignment or forum, you can mark online in FLO.


Mark an assignment using an online rubric

  1. Open the assignment. On the Grading summary page, either:
    • click the View all submissions button and then click the Grade button for a particular student; or
    • click the Grade button to grade the first student in the list of submissions

  2. The rubric will appear on the right side of the page in the Grade section
    Rubric in the grade section

    To enlarge the rubric:

    Option 1

    Click the Zoom in/out of region icon (in the grade section)

    zoom in out of region

    Option 2

    Click the Collapse review panel button (bottom right of page)

    Collapse review panel button

    Click the Restore default layout (middle) button after you have finished marking


  3. Click on the relevant performance standard for each criterion, they will appear in green

    rubric description

  4. Click in the text box at the end of the criterion to type any comments

    rubric - insert comment

  5. Save your changes
Warning: Feedback comments will NOT be saved unless all the other fields have valid entries.


Mark a forum using an online rubric

  1. Open the forum and click the Grade users button
    Grade users button

  2. To search for a particular student to mark, click the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner of the grading area, or use the arrow buttons to move through students sequentially
    Find students to mark

  3. The rubric will appear in the grading area on the right 
    Forum feedback form

  4. Select the relevant performance standard option for each criterion (the default option is Not set) and include any comments in the Additional feedback text box
    Select standard and provide feedback

  5. Click the Save button (top right of screen) to save the grades
    Save and close buttons
    The Close button returns you to the forum activity

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