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All interactive video functions are created in My Media or the Media Vault, using an uploaded recording.

Once the video has been uploaded to the My Media/Media Vault areas, all the below functions can be accessed.

Note: Please be aware that you can add either Hotspots or Quiz questions to a video, but you cannot do both in the same video.


Hotspots display a configurable block on top of a video during playback. When a viewer clicks the hotspot, they are taken to either another location within the video or a web address.

Hotspots can't be added to the lower part of a video (the red bar in the image below) as this is reserved for Captions.

Hotspots can be used to link to:

  • Another video
  • A form
  • A wiki article
  • A pdf
  • A citation
  • A different time point in the video

Creating hotspots

  1. Select a video from My Media or Media Vault

  2. Turn on the Video editor by selecting Actions, then Launch Editor

  3. In the left panel, click on the Hotspots button
    Hotspot editing window

  4. Select the location on the timeline when you want the hotspot to appear, then click on the video screen where you want the hotspot to appear.

  5. Type the text to be displayed, then select if it is linking to a website or to another location within the video.
    • URL- Paste the link into the box
    • Time in this video - enter minutes & seconds (best to record times before adding hotspots)

  6. Click Advanced settings if you want to adjust block colour, text size or how long the hotspot is on the screen.

  7. Click Done once finished.

  8. You can edit/duplicate/delete a hotspot by clicking the on 3 dots next to the block text in the middle column.


Video quiz

Interactive Video Quiz allows you to embed questions at any point in a video. These questions are attached to the video and ‘travel’ with it wherever it is embedded or presented. As viewers watch the video, the question will appear at the chosen point, with the video continuing after the question is answered. Results can be integrated directly with the FLO gradebook.

You can choose whether viewers can skip questions, revise answers, receive hints, and discover the correct answers, allowing Interactive Video Quiz to be used to increase engagement, test knowledge and retention, collect data, and more.

How a student takes a quiz - instructions

There are 4 question formats. Refer to below for individual steps:

  1. Multiple choice - allows up to 4 answers
  2. Yes/No
  3. Reflection Point
  4. Open-Ended Question

Creating video quiz

  1. In either My Media or Media Vault, select the Add new button

  2. Choose Video Quiz

  3. Select the video you want to add quizzes to

  4. The quiz edit window will appear
    Interactive quiz setup window

  5. Select the location on video timeline when you want the quiz to appear

  6. Click Add a Question

  7. Choose a quiz format. Refer to below for individual steps:
    • Multiple choice - allows up to 4 answers
    • True/False
    • Reflection Point
    • Open-Ended Question

  8. Enter question and then click Save

  9. Move to another location in the timeline and add next question

  10. Once all questions are done you can click Preview to test your quiz or click Done if you have finished.
    Note: You can edit the quiz questions and settings at any time but don’t edit after students have accessed it.

  11. Publish the quiz to your topics’ Media Vault.

Question settings

Some questions will have a Hint/Why option that allows you to add extra text.

  • Hint (Add Question Hint)
  • Why (Add Correct Answer Rational)

Multiple choice
Quiz - Multiple choise options

Quiz - True/False options

Reflection Point
Quiz - Reflection Point options

Open-Ended Question
Quiz - Open-ended options


Options can be done before or after setting up the quiz questions. For more detail:

  1. Details
    • Quiz name - change to a more descriptive name
    • Show Welcome page - This page warns the student that there is a quiz component.
    • Allow download of questions list - This allows students to see the questions before doing the quiz. This will allow them to prepare for the types of questions being asked. If being done as a test you may want to disable this.
    • Instructions - standard text is "All questions must be answered. The quiz will be submitted at the end." This is added to the Welcome page and can be changed if you allow skipping questions or want to supply more instructions.

  2. Scores
    • Allow multiple attempts
    • Show or hide scores from students
    • Show answers to students

  3. Experience
    • Allow students to change answers - Allow students to change their answers before submitting the quiz.
    • Allow or stop skipping quiz - This allows student to skip a question and come back to it or if turned off then they must answer before they can continue watching the video.
    • No seeking forward - stops participants from fast forwarding or jumping sections in the video and then going back and answering questions afterwards.


Adding a Video quiz to FLO


  1. Open your topic and turn editing on

  2. Select Add an activity or resource

  3. Select either:
    • Video resource - for embedding one video Video resource icon
      Add Name - Make it descriptive so the students know what it is about (Description field is optional but doesn't display on front page)
      Select Add media, then Media Vault and select the required video by clicking </> Embed.
      Click the Save and return to topic button.

    • Rich text editor buttonsPage, Assignment, Book etc (anywhere the Rich Text editor is available) - for embedding within a content area or multiple videos on one page). Don't place it in the description field.
      In the Rich Text editor, select Add media button, then Media Vault and select the required video by clicking </> Embed. (repeat if multiple videos are required)
      Click the Save and return to topic button.

Graded (appears in the Gradebook)

  1. Select Add an activity or resource
  2. Select Video quiz Video quiz icon

  3. Click the Select Content button.

  4. Select Media Vault and then click </> Embed for the required quiz (only videos with quiz features will be displayed)

  5. Change Activity name to an understandable name. You can also add an Activity description (Show more link) and display on topic page.

  6. Add your Grade points and any other settings required. (note: scales are not supported)

  7. Click the Save and return to topic button.

You may need to check the Gradebook to adjust the weighting for the video quiz.

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