Participants - all Logs report

FLO reports can inform you about student activities during your topic, which can inform future practice. They are one aspect of learning analytics.

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Similar to the Logs report, All logs show a record of all student activity in a topic. However, instead of showing information on everyone’s activity in a topic, All logs takes a deep dive into an individual students’ engagement levels over time.

All logs show:

  • a graph showing how many times a student has accessed part of a topic each day
  • a table showing all of the student’s activity in the topic

To access All Logs:

  1. Click on the Topic management panel.
    The button that opens the topic management panel is highlighted with a red border.

  2. In the User links column, click on Participants.
    Participants is the second item in the User Links column

  3. Select the individual student by clicking on their name. A profile view will appear for the selected student.

  4. In the Reports section select All logs to display a graph of a students' activity since the topic start date and a log of all their activity.

An example of the graph, showing the number of hits by the student each day.

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