Gradebook - remove overrides from grade items (Grader report)

Grades iconThis entry relates to the Gradebook.

If you have inadvertently modified grades directly in the gradebook (rather than through the activity) they override all other grade entries and can no longer be modified through the activity. An overridden grade is highlighted in yellow as per the image below in the Grader report.

Overridden grade in gradebook

However, you can easily remove overridden grades in the Grader report screen. Note: You can alternatively remove overrides via the Single view screen.


  1. Enter the Gradebook by clicking on the Grades link in the Navigation menu
    Grades link in navigation menu

  2. On the Grader report screen, click the Turn editing on button (located bottom-right in the banner)
    Turn editing on button

  3. Locate the grade that has been overridden (it will be highlighted) and click the Edit grade cog
    Edit grade cog

  4. On the Edit grade screen, untick the Overridden box and Save changes
    Overridden setting

  5. Click the Turn editing off button in the banner

  6. You can now modify the grade in the assignment activity

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