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This entry relates to the Gradebook.

When you enter the gradebook for your topic, via the Grades link in the Navigation panel, you are taken to the View menu on the Grader report screen where you can access various reports.

Grader report view menu

Download a gradebook report

In addition to the reports listed above, you can download a report in Excel which is a copy of the gradebook, in whole or in part, from the Export tab on Grader report screen.

Export gradebook

Refer to Gradebook – export grades for step-by-step instructions.


Grader report

Grader report

The grades for each student in a topic can be found in the Gradebook, or 'Grader report'. The Grader report collects all graded activities created in a topic (e.g. assignments, quizzes, forums) and items you've added manually (e.g. offline assessments). 

The Gradebook – main entry provides links to information on grade visibility, grade display, reordering and categorising items. 

To sort and filter the Grader report, refer to Gradebook – view students' grades which illustrates how to view grades for single and multiple students.

Grader report preferences 

You can personalise the Grader report in your topic. Choose Preferences: Grader report from the Setup tab.

Grader report preferences

You may need to change a preference to: 

Grader report preferences

Tip: Click the question mark icon next to each setting for a description about the preference.

Question mark icon


Grade history

Grade history

The Grade history report shows all the grades entered in a topic. The report includes the names of students, graders, and the dates the grades were recorded. You can track how the grades for item/s changed over time in large topics where there are many graders. 

The report can be downloaded in various formats including CSV and PDF. 

Refer to Why is this grade wrong? Can I see what has happened to this grade in the past? (Gradebook – troubleshooting entry) for the steps involved in producing a Grade history report.

  • You can choose to select more than one student at a time. If you do this, the grade history data for the selected students will appear in date order, not in student order, so you need to be careful when analysing the report. 

  • If you've run a report for one student and you want to run a separate report for another student, you need to deselect the first student to only get the data for the second student.


Outcomes report

Outcomes report

Outcomes are descriptions of what a student has demonstrated / understood and can be included as part of an activity or at the topic level. If you've used outcomes in your topic, the Outcomes report lists the outcomes in the topic and their overall average (each outcome can be measured through activities). 

You can find information about using outcomes on the MoodleDocs website. Note: Where 'course' is used in the documentation, replace with 'topic' to align with Flinders terminology.


Overview report

Overview report

The Overview report allows you to view all topics a student is enrolled in together with the total grade (Topic total) for each topic. 

Overview report - select userChoose the student from the Select a user drop-down list. If a default grouping has been enabled at the topic level, you will be able to filter to a particular group in the Separate groups drop-down list before selecting a user (handy for topics with large student numbers).


Single view

Single view link

On the Single view screen, you can: 

  1. view a single grade item for all students from the Select grade item… drop-down menu 
  2. view all the grades for a single student by choosing a student from the Select user… drop-down menu

Single view selections

You can also access single views from the Grader report screen: 

  1. click on the pencil icon next to a student's name to view all grades for the student 
  2. click on the pencil icon next to the name of an activity to view all grades for the activity

Access single views from grader report screen


  • The Single view screen also allows you to modify grades, however, this is not recommended as the grades will be overridden (locked) and you will no longer be able to modify the grade in the activity. 

  • If you add feedback on the Single view screen, it appears in the Feedback column in the student's User report. Warning: Adding feedback will also permanently override the grade and prevent you from modifying it through the activity.


User report

User report link

The User report shows the grades for the topic for a particular student, or all students. You can see the report from your point of view (i.e. hidden items) or the same view as a student sees the gradebook. 

The following entries provide further information on the User report: 

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