Set up a supplementary assessment

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Supplementary assessment provides an additional opportunity for a student who has not achieved a passing grade for a topic to demonstrate that they have achieved the learning outcomes of the topic by completing an additional assessment activity.
— Flinders University 2021, Procedure 7 Supplementary assessment, Assessment Variation Procedures

Note: The information provided below relates to a supplementary assessment that is not a centrally administered examination / assessment.

Good practice guides and tip sheets

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Authentic assessment | Assessment principles  


  1. Create the supplementary assessment activity, for example, an assignment or quiz 

  2. Create a group that you will use to restrict the activity. Note: Keep the group name inexplicit as students can see group membership 

  3. Add users to the group (only add students who have been offered the supplementary assessment) 

  4. Restrict access to the activity using the group created at step 2 

  5. Use the Fail or Holding Grade column in gradebook to indicate which students have been offered a supplementary assessment

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