Reports - Statistics

FLO reports can inform you about student activities during your topic, which can inform future practice. They are one aspect of learning analytics.

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The data captured by FLO can be used to inform practice – telling you whether students are engaging with your topic, what is working/not working, and any problems they may be having (eg failed login attempts).  

The Statistics report uses graphs and tables to show how many 'hits' for a specific section of the topic site. 

  1. On your topic's home page, click on the Topic management panel

  2. Click on the cog in the top-right corner, and then click on More…

  3. Click on the Reports tab

  4. In the Reports tab, click on Statistics

  5. Select the Topic, the report type for a type of activity and the roles of who (example: students). Select the time period (starting from 1 week), then click the View button

    The statistics graphs and tables show how many hits there have been on various sections of your topic during various time frames. They do not show how many distinct users there have been. They are processed daily at a time you specify.

  6. Select the Topic Logs under the Logs column from the table below the graph for a more detailed report.

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