Reports - Topic participation

FLO reports can inform you about student activities during your topic, which can inform future practice. They are one aspect of learning analytics.

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The data captured by FLO can be used to inform practice – telling you whether students are engaging with your topic, what is working/not working, and any problems they may be having (eg failed login attempts). 

The Topic participation report is useful to identify which students have accessed a particular resource or activity. For forums, glossaries and databases where studies can post, you are able to identify how many posts each student has made. 

A useful feature of the topic participation report is the option to send a message to all students who have not completed a certain task or accessed a resource. Before using this feature, you must have set up the resource or activity you wish to collect information on. Naming the resource/activity clearly is important for easily finding the relevant 'activity module'.

  1. Click on the Topic management panel

  2. In the User links column, click on View topic participation report

  3. Set the activity/resource module you want to view, the amount of time to look back, the role you want to examine (usually student) and the type of action required (all, view, post)

  4. Click Go to obtain a report.
    Note that the activity reports will not include activity in tools such as Collaborate, Kaltura or readings.

    The definition of View and Post for the selected activity type will be given on-screen.

    For example:

    • Forum View: View Discussion, Search, View Forum, View Subscribers
    • Forum Post: Add Discussion, Add Post, Delete Discussion, Delete Post, Move Discussion, Prune Post, Update Post, Subscribe, Unsubscribe

  5. You can send a message to all students who have not completed a certain task or accessed a resource by selecting students and then using the “With selected users…” menu at the bottom of the report.

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