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When using the Interactive video content type in H5P, it is important to link it to the relevant video hosted in Kaltura (My Media), instead of uploading a new video.

adding a new interactive video to H5P

To find the video link in Kaltura (My Media) and paste it in the video source URL field, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your My Media or topic Media Vault and find the video

  2. Downloading needs to be enabled for the video (If downloading is already enabled, please skip to step 3)
    a) Use the pencil icon to go to the video editing page

  3. Go to video editing page

    b) Select the downloads tab
    Select downloads tab

    c) Select the Source checkbox and hit save.

    Select source checkbox and click save

  4. Click Preview media or the video title to preview it, and select the Download tab


  5. Click the download icon to download the video.
    Click download icon
  6. Go to your downloads window

    Ctrl + J [Windows] or + J [Mac] if using Firefox

    Ctrl + J [Windows] or ⌘ + Shift + j [Mac] if using Chrome

  7. The video URL will be available here. Right click and copy the link for the video that was just downloaded. It should have an .mp4 at the end.

    Downloads window

  8. That’s it - this is the link that needs to be pasted in the green box below. After you are done, delete the downloaded video from your local drive since they can be quite large.
    Add interactive video link

Please contact your local eLearning team if you need further assistance.

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