Reports - Dates

FLO reports can inform you about student activities during your topic, which can inform future practice. They are one aspect of learning analytics.

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The Dates report allows a teacher to edit dates (e.g. due, cut-off, restricted access) for activities (e.g. quiz, assignment) and resources in their topic in one place. This saves time when preparing the topic for teaching. 

Note: Not all dates are included in this report (e.g. the Allow posts from forum date) so those dates will need to be adjusted in the activity/resource. 



  1. On your topic's home page, click on the Topic Management button

  2. Click on the Actions menu cog in the top-right corner, and then the More… link
    Actions menu and more button

  3. Click on the Dates link which will either appear under the Topic administration tab or the Reports tab (if Completion tracking is enabled)

    Dates link under topic administration tab

    Dates link under Reports tab

  4. You will see the Activity view filter screen
    Activity view filter

  5. You can filter for specific activities, however, to see all activities leave the filter set to All activities and click the Expand all link (right of the screen)
    Filter or expand all

  6. Change the dates you need to. Note: You can add dates by ticking the Enable box (you will not be able to change dates where there is no Enable box) 
    Change dates

  7. Click Save changes at the bottom of the screen

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