Collaborate - session reports

Collaborate is a live, collaborative space that provides the ability to chat, screen-share, share audio and video, poll students, collaborate using a virtual whiteboard or group participants into small 'break-out' spaces. Using the Collaborate activity in a topic ideally consists of the following 5 stages.

1. Plan  |  2. Build  |  3. Test  |  4. Administer  |  5. Review  ||  Support 
Disabled features

To help increase the stability of the system and increase performance, the following features are temporarily disabled by the vendor:

  • Timer (a countdown timer)
  • Chat typing indicator (a visual indicator that someone is typing. Chat is otherwise functional.)
  • The number of videos showing at any one time in some browsers has been reduced from 4 to 2

Collaborate icon

After a Collaborate session, you can view and download an attendance report, and download the results of any polling undertaken. These reports will be available approximately 5 minutes after the last person has left the session.

How to view session reports

You can view reports of completed sessions on the Collaborate Sessions page. 

  1. Use the Filter by drop-down menu to help you locate the completed session
  2. When you've found the session you want to see a report on, select the Session Options menu
  3. Select View reports

sessions page

Session attendance report

The Session attendance report provides an overview of when attendees joined and left the session. It also gives you an idea of how long attendees were present in the session on average. 

See the steps above on how to view session reports and then click the View report link under Attendance.
view report

Now that you know when students joined and left the session, you can check in with them to see if they had any technical issues or need a quick review of what was presented and discussed.session report

Report particulars
Name The name of each unique attendee
Role Moderator = Teaching team member
Participant = Student
More on roles and permissions
Attendee Type

Integration indicates that an attendee entered the session via the Collaborate tool in FLO

Guest indicates that an attendee entered the session via a link provided to them (e.g. someone from outside your topic)
First join Date and time when the attendee first joined the session
Last leave Date and time when the attendee last left the session
Total time The total time the attendee was in the session

The number of times the attendee joined and/or reconnected to the session

If an attendee joined more than once, click the View join details iconView join details icon on the right for all join/leave details

Download poll results

If you've used the Polling feature in a Collaborate session, you can download the poll results. 

See the steps above on how to view session reports then click the download icon under Polls. 

Poll download

The report includes the poll question/s, how each attendee responded and the date/time of their response.

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