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You can create separate discussion forums for groups of students in a single forum activity (you don't need to create a separate forum activity for each group).

Note: Before creating your group discussion forum, you will need to organise your students into groups and add these groups to a grouping

Good practice guides and tip sheets

Good practice guides and tip sheets have been developed to support quality in both curriculum design and teaching practice. Good practice guides provide a pedagogical overview and tip sheets provide you with practical strategies and ideas for implementation. Links to group-related resources are provided below. 

Group work 


Create a group discussion forum

  1. Turn editing on 

  2. In the module where you want to create the forum, click Add an activity or resource  

  3. From the Activities tab, select Forum 

  4. Give the forum a Name and Description

  5. Apply other settings as necessary (see Set up a forum)

  6. Under Common module settings, change Group mode to Separate groups to give each group their own private forum, or Visible groups to create a forum for each group and allow other groups to view (but not post to)
    Group mode setting

    For the Grouping setting, select the grouping containing the groups you want to use for the forum
    Grouping setting

  7. Click Save and display

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